How To Setup A Free Website

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I've never been very good at paying for stuff. I don't know why, but for some reason I like free things!

Of course I share this curse with many others out there who just want stuff for free darnit!

So when I began trying to share with others how I'm becoming successful and making money, I thought, "why not show them how to do it with little or even NO investment". Is it possible?

Yes and no.

I want to share with you the basics of how to setup a free website that is actually pretty nice and can actually make you money.

The reason I say Yes and No above, is that Yes it is possible to create a free website that makes money...but No it's not a good long-term plan.

There are several reasons for that, the primary reason being that a free website can be deleted by the site owner at any time for any reason.

Ok, so let's talk about how to do this.

First step: Go to and either log in with your Gmail account or create a Google account to use.

Second step: Click the button that reads "Create Your Blog Now", then enter your Gmail email account twice, your password, and the name you wouldn't mind being displayed if you so choose. Then enter the verification code and accept the agreement. Click "continue".

Third step: Now give your blog a name. This "blog" will be your free website. So the name you give it will appear at the top of the page. The "blog address" is the URL or website address that someone will type in to go to your blog. You can name it the same as your Blog Name if it's not taken and must be all one word or separated by a dash or underscore. Now click "continue".

Fourth step: Next you'll choose a template. This is just the look of your blog. Then click "continue".

Fifth step: Now you'll see a message that says "Your blog has been created!" and a button to "start posting". Click that and do your first blog entry.

If you are setting this up as a website substitute, you can make your first post the actual "content" of your site. So if you are creating a review site that talks about different Web Hosting Providers, you could either review them all in a single post, or do a separate review as a separate post, and do like 3 of them.

I also encourage you to poke around in your blog settings, change stuff and see what it looks like. There are many settings you can adjust to make your blog appear differently.

To make money with your blog you can either use it as an Affiliate Marketing site where you promote other people's stuff, or put a bunch of Adsense ads on it and create really useful content to attract visitors.

Either way, that is another topic for another day. I show people how to do this sort of thing at my website.

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