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There are a number of good choices when it comes to blog platforms. Two of the most popular are Wordpress and blogs. You also could use Typepad or Drupal. Whatever your choice for blogging, you should have your own domain for your blog. That gives you the freedom to post whatever you want and to control the content.

A blog should be original content. The search engines rate blogs higher with good original content over blogs that simply re-post articles or snippets from other sources.

If you've been a blogger for very long you probably find that you prepare your blog posts in bunches. You might write 5 or 10 blogs posts in one day. Some folks will then go to the trouble of logging onto their blog each day to post an article. That can burn you out on blogging quickly. It is better to use a blog automator. A blog automator is a software tool that lets you load all your articles or blog posts to a queue, select the schedule for posting and select the blog to post to.

Folks who post to blogs for a living, or to generate extra income, use a blog automator.

Two blog secrets to keep in mind are that it's important to post original content and to post regularly - at least a couple times each week. Those are two secrets to successful blogging no matter which blog platform you use.

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