Know Much Ado About Mugshot

February 20, 2008 | posted in | 0 comments

Do you think tracking daily changes in your appearance is fascinating to others? Do you think monitoring every wrinkle, spot or hair on your face is a meaningful and interesting task? Or probably your life is getting boring and you need some silly entertainment to perk it up? Well, a new website, Daily Mugshot, allows you to chronicle and share how you look every day with the rest of the world.

Daily Mugshot is a free service where users can sign up to. It reminds users to take a shot of themselves everyday and it has widgets which users can place on their profile or blog to automatically update their mug shots. Some dudes might find it �cool�, others might find it idiotic and nonsensical. This proves that many people in the world are actually very bored and lead an idle life.

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