IOGEAR Launches New GearJuice Mobile Pocket Power

February 20, 2008 | posted in | 0 comments

Don’t like to carry too many chargers during a travel trip? The leading connectivity manufacturer that provides complete KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse), connectivity, networking, digital audio/video, mobility, and desktop solutions, IOGEAR has concerned of your need with its new GearJuice charging kit - Mobile Pocket Power, eliminating the hassle of finding a power outlet or charger, which aimed to make it easy to charge your portable devices on the go.

Features Of IOGEAR’s GearJuice Mobile Pocket Power:

* Light weight and portable mobile battery pak
* High capacity and reliability
* Work with most mobile phones, iPod™*, iPhone™, MP3 players, PDA, Bluetooth headsets, and other mobile devices
* Built-in short-circuit, over-charge, and temperature protection
* USB output for most USB charging devices
* Includes multiple connector tips for different mobile devices
* Rechargeable cycle up to 500 times
* Smart LED capacity display
* Supply voltage 5V

According to the company, “Mobile Pocket Power allows you to charge your cell phone up to 3 times before it needs to be recharged.”

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