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Getting folks to visit your site is a basic requirement if you hope to make good money, or if you want to build-up a readership or a list. It's not that you want just any visitor, but rather you want to get visitors with an interest in your topic or product. There are a number of techniques that a good webmaster will use to create a web site that draws strong traffic. One technique is that of using a blog with your web site.

Placing a blog on your domain in conjunction with your web site is one of the "must do" techniques that professional webmasters use to help generate traffic. It is very easy to sign-up for a free blog at The trick is to then go into the advanced set-up features to host that blog on your own domain. That is actually easy to do. It can be done by just filling out a half dozen fields with the info to point to your domain.

Many webmasters place the blog on the homepage and then create the rest of the site behind that blog. That's a great technique. It's easy to do and the search engines seem to like the constantly updated content of the blog on the homepage. It's important to update the blog regularly and to place your original content on the blog. Try not to simply post articles from the various article directories.

Since most webmasters either have someone write their original content or they do that themselves by creating 5, 10 or more blog posts in one sitting, they then use a blog posting automator to spread out the postings over time. There are a couple good tools on the market for that. If you've ever blogged you know how tiring it can be to have to log-on to your blog each day or every few days and post content. It is much easier to load all the content to a queue, select the posting schedule and then let the blog automator do the posting for you. It's a huge relief and important for keeping your blog fresh.

The bottom line is that using a blog that is hosted on your domain is one important technique for every web site that wants to attract traffic to sell a product or to build up a list of readers or customers.

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