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The Nintendo Wii has quickly become one of the most sought after video game systems ever launched. For months it was sold out everywhere and was considered one of the toughest finds for the Christmas seasons. One of the most exciting features of the Nintendo Wii is that you can download Wii games for immediate use instead of having to go to store each time you want a new game.

Many Nintendo Wii owners aren't exactly sure where to find downloads for their system, so we thought we would first go over the two main options you have for downloading Wii games.

Option #1

There are some websites that claim to offer "free Wii game downloads". These sound great at first, however you need to keep a couple of things in mind before you rush to download anything.

The first problem with these websites is that they are full of viruses and spyware. Since they are not monitored whatsoever a good chunk of the files on them contain some infection.

Another irritating problem is that these websites have extremely slow download speeds and many of the game files don't actually work. You can find yourself waiting over a day for a download to finish only to discover that the game doesn't even work. Very frustrating!

It's a great sounding option when you first hear about it, but it's not something we recommend. It's risky and can waste a lot of your time!

Option #2

The second option is quickly becoming a popular option for Nintendo Wii owners and is much more convenient that the first. You can download just about any Wii game without ever having to worry about viruses or files that don't work.

You can find specialty Nintendo Wii download websites that allow you to download games, movies, TV shows and music when you sign up as a member. They charge a registration fee (about $50) which gives you a lifetime membership that lets you download as many games and other files as you want.

The businesses that run these websites are doing it to make money, so they do what it takes to keep their customers happy. The download speeds are fast, all of the files work and they have a huge amount of games and movies to choose from.

When you sign-up as a member all the software you need to be able to use the files on your Wii is included. You can go to if you want to learn how to get a free trial at a couple of the top-ranked Wii download websites. You can expect to take about 5-10 minutes to get set-up.

These websites have grown extremely popular and are a great option for people that want to build up a big selection of Wii games. The membership fee isn't expensive and you can download a game or movie whenever you want.

As the Nintendo Wii becomes more and more popular, we can only imagine that Wii download websites will also grow in popularity. It's an easy way to find new games and movies for your system whenever you feel like trying something new. Happy gaming!

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