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February 23, 2008 | posted in , | 0 comments

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If u Want to Pretty Up Your Post,There Are many Things,But to Add Signiture to your Blogger Post is Much Fun.Well,Below i am Showing a Tutorial How to Add a Signature to Your Blogger Post!

You must first have a signature that you want to have at the bottom of your post. This signature will be in the form of an image. To get that image, you can look online for sites that help create signagtures, or you can make your own using GIMP as I did. If you need help making a signature, read some of my posts on design and graphics. After you have your signature, upload it to your web host...I use Ripway.

Open your Dashboard/ Settings/ Formatting/ Post Template. Put this code in the Post Template box:

<p><image class="centered"alt="post signature" src="SIGNATURE URL" /></p>

Replace SIGNATURE URL With The Image URL!

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