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February 23, 2008 | posted in , | 0 comments

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Sorry for Not Updating my Blog Yesterday.I have Some Problems While Posting in Blogger and There Was Problem in Our House Electricity.So, Today I Find a Very Simple and Very Easy Way To have A comment Form Below Every Post!I Dont Think That it is a Widget or Trick..You Suggest!

Now you Blogger / blogspot users can have a comment form under your post. this mean your readers can leave and write a comment exactly under your post. without clicking and open a new page / window.

How to Do That?Sooo Easy:-
1. This is a free service from, so what you need to do is just register for a new account on, and about seconds, you’re registered.
2. Login to haloscan
3. Click the SubMenu “Install”
4. Choose your blog type, and because we’re talking about blogger, so blogger it is.
5. Click Next and follow the instructions.
6. Done, and congratulation

With this haloscan free services, we can have a better great comment system on our blogger / blogspot blog.

there are many great points about this services.
1. We can easily integrate it with service, so you can track your comments
2. You can customize the header of your comment from
3. it’s free. that’s the most important
so what are you waiting for?

I think You Have Noticed This Comment Form in My Blog!

Have an easy way to leave a comment Quickly!

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